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USB485HS and USB485 at once?


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I have a regular USB485 adapter from my computer to my show. With the addition of more CCB's I'm getting a red USB485HS adapter to keep up. Can I have both these USB ports going out to my show on different networks (2 seperate USB to CAT5)? Using the HS to only CCB's and the regular USB485 to CTB16PC controllers? Or best to keep everything on the 485 HS? Mostly asking because it would be nice to have 2 cat5's coming from my computer for convenience.


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11 hours ago, k6ccc said:

Yes.  You can have up to 16 LOR networks.  I use three.


NM, yup i do recall but I had forgotten. That drop down network box. Now I know why I retired some props.


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I also use 3, (2 red,1 black) #3 mostly for convenience of Cable runs.

The Network Utility is where you set which LOR network is assigned to the adapter and Speed and if it is Enhanced

Be sure to Label the adapter with the LOR network and COM (just in case your computer forgets). The adapter will usually get the same COM when reconnected to the computer. You are mapping the COM to LOR#.

I recommend a POWERED USB HUB if you are (nearly) port limited


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