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N2-G4-MP3 Director and N4-G4-MP3 Director


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The product description on the web page for the N2-G4-MP3 Director states "Multiple directors can be linked to allow virtually limitless output capacity#."  I could not see any method mentioned in the manual on how to do this.  How are two of these directors connected together and is one designated as a prime, that is, contains the SD card with the show?  

Second question regarding the N4-G4-MP3 Director.  How many enhanced networks can this director run?  The N2-G4-MP3 Director runs only a single enhanced network, can theN4-G4-MP3 Director run multiple enhanced networks? 

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Start Here:


Be sure to read the section about Director Link.

All of our directors that can run ELOR can do so on all of the ports.  So if you have a 2 port Director that supports ELOR, you can run it on one, the other, or both.

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