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Can anyone explain how to use the fade up and fade down tools with DMX?  Every time I try using it, it changes the color to white.  I want to fade with a custom color. 

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This has nothing to do with DMX.  Do not use the DMX button in the toolbar unless you REALLY need 0 to 255 DMX values, such as for a moving head light, for example.

Try this.

In the toolbar. Select Create button, select the Color option button. choose your color, by clicking on the sample color icon.

Select your min and max intensities, say 100 and zero and select the down arrow, button

Click and/or drag in the channel, or multiple channels.You can also use drag fade,

Alternately, If you enable RGB channel level, so you see the separate RGB components, you can just use the channel button for each of the three colors individually, specifying the percentages you need for each.

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Just to expand a little on what Phil stated, a pixel is made up of three channels, red, green and blue. If you use a fade on the main pixel channel it will always come out white as it places the fade on all the  RGB led channels. You have to open the channel up and show the red, green and blue led channels and place a fade on the individual RGB led channels.

If placing a fade on the main pixel channel then your best bet is a color fade.

In the pic below any sequencing placed on the black main pixel row affects the three RGB led channels below it.


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