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4 gb patch


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As I recall, it wasn't required in S4. It was " built in".

S4 can use up to 4 GB, so can S5 for that matter.

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From the PDF for v4.4.4. http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.4.4/help/index.html?whats_new.htm


"4GB Patch" enabled by default


In recent times, many customers with very large sequences who have been running into memory-related issues have been using a third-party tool known as the "4GB Patch" to modify the Sequence Editor and Show Player executable files.  The effect of this is that Windows will allow the patched programs to use more memory than it would allow for the unpatched programs.  Whenever a customer using the 4GB Patch upgraded to a new version of Light-O-Rama, they would have to remember to use the 4GB Patch on the new versions of the two executable files, or else they would start running into memory-related issues again.


Now, though, the Light-O-Rama installer distributes the Sequence Editor and Show Player executable files as if they had been patched using the 4GB Patch.  Users therefore should no longer need to run the 4GB Patch on these programs.


Just in case something unexpected occurs because of this, the installer also distributes unpatched versions of the executables.  The patched versions are what are used by default, without the user needing to take any action.  If for whatever reason you want to use the unpatched versions, though, they can be found in the Light-O-Rama program files directory (which is typically, but not always, either C:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama or C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama).  They are called LORSequenceEditor-Unpatched.exe and LORMonitor-Unpatched.exe.  To start using them, shut down your running programs, then rename the default patched versions out of the way (for example, rename LORSequenceEditor.exe to LORSequenceEditor-4GBPatched.exe), and then copy the unpatched versions into their place (for example, copy LORSequenceEditor-Unpatched.exe to LORSequenceEditor.exe).

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i had a few songs last year in the sequence editor where the vertical line would stop  for a few seconds  music playing ok then it would jump to catch up where the song was playing go for a few more seconds and repeat it through the whole song so i was thinking would the patch help this problem my display is  34 - ccr's and a 16x50 pixel tree on lor network   gentlemen thank you for your replies  

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Frequently happens in SE and S5 Sequencer, usually with large and/or complex sequences. Show Player has much less overhead and will play fine.

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