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DMX controller to CCF50, no software

Crimson Lane Lights Etown

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DMX Controller ; Dmx to cat5 adapter ; These two links are to ebay examples of the dmx controller and the adapter that I think I need to be able to control Cosmic Color Flood 50w outside of LOR S4. I have four CCF50 that I want to use for some stage lighting at the spring HS musical.  The documentation on the LOR website says that one CCF50 will occupy the first 5 channels in DMX on the same universe.  So CCF light one would be Channel 1-5 & light two would be Channel 6-10, etc as they would be daisy chained through the cat5.  Does the unit ID need to be something or does that not matter since I would not be using LOR software?  Will this work?  What thoughts have you to offer?  Thanks all.

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Update: Success! So I acquired the two examples above (the dmx board and the adapters).  *UNPLUG* the CCF50 (CF50D); you have to take the back off.  4 screws and separate from the seal.  Then gently spread open so you can disconnect the two cat5 cables.  Then you can open enough to get to the dip switches and the jumper block (page 14/15).  The dip switches are set to all off and the jumpers are all set to LOR configuration.  You need to move the jumpers over to the DMX configuration (over and down one) (look at the board it tells you there how to set it up).  Then set the dip switches to the DMX channels needed (page 16 & 21). 

tip: remember there are 12 dip switches and only the first 9 are used to set DMX channels, reading left to right.

The dmx board I acquired says, fixture CCF50 one can only be up to 16 channels of DMX. Since the CCF50 only has 5 channels, that fits (dip switch 9 on).  So fixture CCF50 two starts at DMX 17 (dip switch 5, 9 on) see page 21 Appendix A. Fixture CCF50 three starts at DMX 33 (dip switch 4, 9 on), etc.

It works!  Yeah!

Then I went and bought a  Donner Wireless DMX  

Now Wireless!  It works! 

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