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USB485-ISO Issues?

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This evening I hooked up my USB485-ISO to my indoor ELL and was able to find my 18 controllers. I than went with the USB485-ISO and set unit IDs on 4 other controllers 2 of which run off of ELLs in my neighbors yard. When I returned from setting those Unit IDs I connected my USB485-ISO to my indoor ELL and searched for controllers in the HU and every time it found between 1 and 0. I tried with multiple CAT5 cables and USB cables from PC to USB485-ISO. One thing I noticed is when the PC was connected to the USB485-ISO than to the indoor ELL the TX light was blinking soft. For some reason I thought the RX light should have been the one blinking. I also had the green USB Power and green ISO power LEDs were on. When I looked into the indoor ELL I found LED 1 was blinking normally (about 1 per second) and LED 2 was blinking about dimly about 3 per second. When I hit a refresh in the HU the indoor ELL LED 1 stays the same, LED 2 shimmers like it is trying to stay on but does not. Is this normal? I just ordered another USB485-ISO as I am not sure but I think that might be the issue. I also uninstalled the USB485 driver than reinstalled the software with no difference. I also did a complete LOR install on another computer with the same results. Any other troubleshooting ideas please let me know.

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