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Pixie16 setup making my hair fall out


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I have a Mega Tree that uses 24 strings of original (5V) CCB (50 pixels per string).  They are all LOR bulbs.

Until this year I was using the original CCB controllers for these.  Life was good, but the tree was painful to set up due to the 12 controllers.

So at the Summer sale, I purchased a couple of Pixie16 controllers (5V) with 4-pin dangles.   Sounded like it would be a no brainer to replace my 12 controller with 2 Pixie16's, and have 8 spare pixel control lines left over, along with a bunch of CCB controllers.

Unfortunately, it's been a nightmare.


When I opened the Pixie16 controller, there was an insert that warned me (in red): "If you are using LOR CCR-II Ribbons/strips then no changes are needed.  If you are using LOR Bulbs or pixels then you need to put the little black jumper on the card as pictured below".  Sounded pretty clear - I had to insert the jumper on JP5, because these are not LOR-II ribbons or strips.  I did that, and my pixels are not responding to Hardware Utility (or Pixel Editor) in any way.

To elaborate - I have one of my old CCB controllers on the same network as the Pixie16.  Each has a pixel string connected.  I have a prop for each string in Pixel editor.  The CCB one is working perfectly.  The Pixie one does nothing.  I did this so I can have an apples to apples comparison between the units without swapping cables, unit IDs, etc.

Through Hardware Utility, it appears that the little black jumper forces the Pixie16 into this mode:

Pixel Type: WS2811, Pixels per string: 100, Logical Resolution: 50.  I don't think my old LOR pixels are WS2811.  And they sure are not 100 pixels per string.  I say the jumper forces the mode because if I change the mode in the HU and re-power the box, it comes up as WS2811 and 100 again.

So I pulled the little jumper off JP5 and programmed as follows:

Pixel Type: LDP6803, Pixels per string: 50, Logical Resolution: 50.  The new configuration persists when box is re-powered.  When I do this, the pixel string "kinda sorta works".  About half the lights are off no matter what.  The rest are stuck at white, cyan, or purple.  But if I tell HU to turn them Red at 100%, they get a teensy bit brighter (but none are red).  If I tell them to twinkle, about half do.  If I instead go to Pixel Editor, same thing.  I know the LOR string is good, because if I swap the pixels with those on the CCB controller the problem moves with the Pixie16, not with the light strings.  So also good to know I'm not destroying a light string in the process.  I also tried all combinations of RGB ordering.  Oddly, there was a couple where the stuck lights were green and purple.  

This is where I'm stuck.

I'm using 4.4.4 (latest LOR) with latest FW for Pixie16.  I've got a help desk ticket in, but hoping someone here can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

It's got to be a configuration issue.  I think only the latest CCR II strings are WS2811. 

Any help would be appreciated.

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