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Pixcon 16 in LOR mode

Kieren James

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Hi there

I'm using my new pixcon 16 board in LOR mode and wondering if you are able to have more than 50 pixels on one channel?

It seems that when configuring the board you can, but just want to be 100% sure.

Also if you are able to have more than 50 whats the limit?

And how do you draw this in the visualiser.

The visualiser seems to limit you to 50 pixels unless you draw a pixels string,  however that assign it to a DMX universe 

Just a bit confused on how to made this all work if possible.


Thank for your help!



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Never used a Pixcon16, so my only source of information is reading the manual.  The manual says in ELOR mode each of 16 strings can be up to 170 pixels.

As for Visualizer, your profile says you are using S5 and Visualizer no longer exists.  However, as a test, I just created a prop in S5 Preview Editor that has a fully loaded Pixcon16.  No problem at all.

If you are using S4, as I recall, Visualizer does limit a string to 50 in LOR mode.  I don't know if that has been fixed as I have not used S4 for a couple years.


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Mr. P is one of the great people here with vast knowledge of the Pixcon16.

I believe I answered your question in another thread you made early this morning. At least all of the wording was basically the same.



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