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additional power supply for 50 strings of bulbs

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As for the object, I created a channel of 340 bulbs for the pixcon16. Obviously the power of the 400w controller power supply for the 2 banks 1-8 9-16 is not enough to support them. I did the power injection at the beginning of each string of bulbs, removing the positive from what comes from the previous strings, leaving the negative in common. Unfortunately, light bulbs play random games and work poorly. Am I wrong about something or are there other considerations?

Moreover, if I'm not mistaken, 150 bulbs given for 0.3 watts = 45 watts, if I use a two-way power supply, for the other 200 bulbs, 100 + 100, again if the example described above works, the power should be fine. Quite right? thanks for the help, for me it is difficult to understand the technical things, having to translate with google, just a few inaccuracies on the translation and I am in jeopardy. thanks again

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