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Input Pup Not working as expected


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Planning to do an interactive show this year using LOR's Input Pup. Built up the control box, 6 momentary N.O. switches. Verified the switches are seen in the HU and function properly AND are indeed N.O. type. Verified I have Switch N/O selected on general config page in HU.

Built a very simple animation, a single channel, using the Interactive group tab, Magic Toy option, selected my input switch and the associated single output sequence. Saved it and then ran the show.

Immediately, the single channel selected on a controller starts working, and will not go off. Cycles continuously through its "sequence". Hitting any other input pup Button does nothing. 


At a loss, suggestions?

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No clue what the problem was. Did notice that in SE, I could not control use the "Control Lights" switch in the play tab, would not accept a check mark. Tried loading / unloading LOR numerous times. It finally worked on the 3rd of 4th try.

I did notice that the input pup featurette " Magic Toy" does not work as stated. In the interactive group tab, it says if any sequences from this group were already playing, they will immediately stop. I do not see this happening, they play for the duration / length of their animation sequence along with any new sequence selected from the input pup. I only have 3 set up at the moment, and could get all 3 running at the same time. Is their an option switch I am missing other than the Interactive Group "Choose a Type" option?

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Clarification AND added a new issue I found
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Off hand, I think I would want a little more information.  I have been using interactives since 2011 during my year round landscape lighting show, so I should be able to help.  Best suggestion would be to get on the phone with you rather than back and forth forum posts.  I will PM you my number.


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