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Multiple props open at one time

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Is there a way to view / sequence multiple props at the same time in SuperStar?

It would make it easier to program if I could see more than 1 prop at a time. 

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Short answer is yes.  In Preview Editor in Sequencer, create a prop group with at least one Motion Effects row.  Then use that row to "Insert SuperStar Effects".  You will likely need to do some playing around to get the arrangement into a useful format when you open in SuperStar.


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Thanks k6ccc, I didn’t totally understand your procedure, but I will attempt it tonight. 

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Another thing to be aware of is your license level for Superstar. Your prop(s) pixel count cannot exceed your license level. The picture below shows what license levels are available. The easiest way to think of this is that the SS license level is based on Pixels (not channels) For instance a Pixie16 with 50 pixel strings is 800 pixels total. (16X50=800) This means to sequence a prop in SS using  this Pixie 16, you would need a 16_CCR license ie. 800 pixels. If you wanted to sequence in SS for 2 of these Pixie 16 x 50 pixel strings, (1,600 pixels)  you would need a 40_CCR license. The 40_CCR license is good for 2,000 pixels.

Jim is right, it can be done. However to answer your question more thoroughly, we need to now what controllers (pixel count) you wish to sequence for and your current Superstar License level.


* Edit * forgot picture and link.


Link to the Superstar License page


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