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How many strobes on a mega tree?


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I have two mega trees that are 15 feet tall each. They are LED with 8 slices times 4 colors each.

I want to add strobes to the trees to create an effect and want the strobes to have a density that will create an intense effect, but not overwhelm the trees.

I saw Walter and Jackie Monkhouse's 200+/- strobes which were put in regular tall trees and it creates a tremendous effect. 200 in a 15 foot mega tree would be overwhelming. Darryl suggested about 20-25 per tree but I don't know if that is enough since I want an effect rather than an accent.

So does anyone have experience in this and can you lend some advice?



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I have been thinking about adding them to my tree also. I don't know if I will do it this year or not. But after talking to some of my friends that are theatrical lighting designers we came up with 64 strobes for my 22ft tall tree.


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