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Another source for DMX controlled servo boards


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Thinking about Halloween for 2009. I want to do some animated skulls. There are a number of stand-alone ways to d o this, but I wanted to use my LOR hardware and software. I know LOR is coming out with a board, but I suspect it might be overkill for what I need so I started searching for a servo board that can be DMX controlled.

Found several, but they were expensive, then I ran across a company called Northlight Systems. They make an 8 channel DMX controlled servo board for a very reasonable $49.00!!! It's only 1.35 X 2.25 inches in size. I decided to purchase one and give it a try. Hooked it up to my iDMX1000 today and it works like a charm!!!

They have a number of DMX products. James Cart, the owner, is great to work with and very responsive to e-mails.



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