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Song doesnt sync in show, fine in editor


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Hello all.  2018 is the year of show problems for us lol.  3 boxes fixed (one had to be replaced..just got it today..whew).  We have ONE song that plays fine in the sequence editor, but not in the show.   The lights go off correctly when played in the editor.  But for some reason in the show this is the only song that is dark for around 30 seconds..and then it's like the lights "fast fwd" ... and finally halfway through the song everything is fine and synced. 

We tried redownloading the audio file, we ran it through the mp3 program on the forums for getting all the songs the same.  We made a new lms file and copied from the old one, so it's a whole new file and reloaded into the show. Still same result.  So for now we removed the song, but we cant figure out what the deal is.  

Any suggestions? No other songs do this.  

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Run that song through Audacity, or a similar audio editor and re export the song as CBR, Constant Bit Rate. LOR does not play well with Variable Bit Rate MP3's. Wav would work too.

This is not the same as Mp3gain, which I guess is what you normalized the levels with.

If is some other odd format, convert it to MP3 at 128kbps and CBR or wav


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