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Hi this is my first year to lighting

I want to make 4 arches and I went to Homecenter market and find a green electrical pvc 10' and maybe when a curved the arche its too small .

Some body know how 10' pvc stick for every arche that up size like imagen? and how many 100 set minilight can use every arche using 8 channels?


Attached files 156624=9073-arche.JPG

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Check out my site and the 2007 pictures. My arches are 20' (2 10' electrical conduit) I like these best because here in the US elec conduit has mating bells molded into them.

You have to make the arch sizes to fit your display. Some use 10' and some like me. I also have smaller arch sections along my road. The size is your choice.

I found I had 7 sections about 17" long for 100 lights. My 20' arch has 14 light sections and then 2 channels for splashes.

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