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It’s cold and windy here in NE. today, so not going outside to check. I’m using two 16 circuit LOR controllers, the control for these are from a RS 485 output on a alphapix controller. The alphapix control is from a PC , running light o Rama software, with E1.31. Yesterday I added a two color tree to  what I set up as unit 2 LOR controller, so on circuits 21 and 22.  Set it up to change color every two seconds, then I noticed that circuits 5 and 6, on controller set as unit 1 were doing the same thing. The software had circuits 5 and 6 as full on. So guessing that both controllers have the same unit Id, to nasty to go out and check. The hardware utility can’t find any controllers, because of the Network set up. So I have to drag out the dongle and connect each LOR controller, not an easy project controllers are hundreds of feet from the PC. There was a power outage a couple of days ago, could that cause the unit id to change? What can I do to make sure the unit id stays what I input?



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