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dimming/lighting curves for LOR1602W g3 Pro boxes


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I've been asked to help with a project using LOR1602W g3 Pro boxes.  They are trying to match the dimming of several channels that have LED C9 retros with other incandescent channels in the display without having to redo the programming for those channels on all songs.  HU shows the controller has 1 dimming curve file on it and 1 on the PC.  It shows that you can assign a dimming curve for each of the 16 channels and there 10 options in the dropdown, Standard, On/Off, plus 8 CurveXX.ldc options.  The dimming curve folder only has 1 file, LOR-Curve01.ldc.  I’m looking for the other Curve files to try different brightnesses on those channels.  The manual explains the file as a comma delimited file with the first entry as "off" and the last as Max.  I opened it with Notepad and it is a series of #s and appears to be 0-100% for Standard dimming. (although the entry 1023 appears about 20 times at the end of the file and the numbers are not sequential, they skip numbers throughout.)  I have searched high and low for 2 days now, read every page of the manuals, searched on LOR website, Forums, Google, YouTube etc. and cannot find where to download the custom dimming curve files or how to create them myself.  I tried opening that Curve01 file, deleting everything past 766 (75%) (in hopes it would take programming ramp-up 0-100 and make it equal 0-75% over the same time.  I saved it back to the folder as LOR-Curve07.ldc.  In HU, it shows it as a file on disc named Curve07, but when I try to load it to the controller, it says there are not enough characters (or parameters I think) in the file.  Can anyone point me to where I can download these other dimming or lighting curve files?  Or, how to create custom lighting curve files to download to the controller?  I don't know xml syntax.  I'm looking to experiment with %'s of 0-50, 0-60, 0-75, 0-80 etc to see what looks best for each color because the "warm white C9's are super bright, the greens pretty bright and the reds OK, but all 3 peak very early in a ramp (up or down)

Also, there is a line in the manual that states some LED retro c9 bulbs can be damaged by dimming curves.  These are professional dimmable c9 bulbs.  What would be different from using dimming curves and changing the ramp in SE 0-50% over the same time incans are ramping 0-100%.  Do I have any risk on ruining these bulbs?  

THANKS for any help.  If this is not a quick fix, I need to start reprogramming all these songs for this guy ASAP.

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