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take pixel editor content and put in Sequence editor?


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So... I get the general idea of pixel editor... have made a couple short sequences... I have lots of legacy 32 channell LOR sequences that I havent the time to sequence onto my 16 CCR tree and star...


assuming I go in and make some general flashy blinky on PE for the tree... how can I get THAT into SE to combine the two?  in SE I have my 32 channells, AND my 16 RGB tree with star together on one channel config.

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Your profile says you are running 5.2.2 of the software, but version 5 doesn't have a Pixel Editor program, it's part of the Sequencer. You would do all of the work inside of the Sequencer.


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7 minutes ago, carsonsig said:

no, thats old... sorry.  I will fix.


I have pro and the newest version.

Newest version of S5 or S4?

If you are talking about the latest S4 version, and the pixel editor there, then once you save the file, you need to Save Intensity Data, which will then place an extra Track in your sequence in the SE, which will contain the data.

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I am running s4.4.2 I believe.  not at show computer to check.


my license covers up to 5.0... I will check that out for next year's show.



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OK, so I saved intensity data, have a whole song with some effects to pop into my other sequence which is 32 channels of regular LOR... how do I merge them...?

I have both LMS's open...


I cant see how to copy one track into another sequence... 


Can anyone point me towards a resource to do this?

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