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DMX Programming Tips


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Hi Guys...

I have been able to get my hands on a Martin SCX500, and have begun the task of programming. With the specific values necessary for colors, positions and gobos, selecting the intensities is very tedious and time consuming. Is there an easy way to enter a specific intensity in one (or many) of the sequencing grid squares? Greg (of LightsByGreg fame) gave me a good tip - He said he keeps notepad open with all the important settings of his fixture in the window. I think that's a great idea...

Lets hear some more from the rest of you DMX experts... share your tips and tricks!

Thanks a lot.


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Charles Belcher


Make a set of dummy intensities at the bottom of your sequence. Make a set for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, etc. so you can cut and paste them where needed.

For example; the set should consist of the following for DMX channel #4 which controls the gobos on the Martin SCX500.

This set is for LOR percentage, NOT DMX values!

0%=Gobo 1 open
5%=Gobo 2
10%=Gobo 3
15%=Gobo 4
20%=Gobo 5
25%=Gobo 6
30%=Gobo 7
35%=Gobo 8
40%=Gobo 9
45%=Gobo 10
50%=Gobo 11
55%=Gobo 12
60%=Gobo 13
65%=Gobo 14
70%=Gobo 15 and
74%=Black out

You are lucky in that the gobo values in this fixture change every 5% or so except for the black out. Make each small value intensity a different color because when you program with the smaller values, it is really hard to tell 5% from 10%. I have some fixtures that change a channels value in as little as 3% increments. That is impossible to see! It is OK while you are programming and fresh, but when you are away for a few days, you won't remember and it is hard to see the difference.


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I definately agree with Charles

I have a channel dedicated to each of my DMX fixtures values, each value has a time equal to that of my shortest timing - usually .05 sec

I just copy and paste the value- over and over and over....

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