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Incandescent lights flashing when not programmed


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We still have a few structures that have incandescent lights, but we are seeing strange blinking that we haven't noticed before.  In between the times they should be turning on and off, it looks like they are flashing on and off at a really low light level (maybe around 5% light).  The flashing looks like it is going to the beat of the music, but it is not what I programmed them to do.   While they are flashing at the low light level, they will turn on brighter when it is time for them to turn on, based on the programming.

I've spent a lot of time looking at the .xml files, to see if there is extra code that is causing this....I can't find any.  I can count the number of times a structure has been programmed to turn on and off, and this number matches the xml code for each feature that is doing this.  I have also search to see if there is another feature that has the same Unit and Circuit number, but there are no duplicates.  I've zoomed in as far as possible in the Sequence Editor and there is no indication that these structures should be turning on - the areas that are flashing on and off are completely blank in SE

We are using the Easy Light Linkers...is it possible that there is interference that these structures are somehow tapping into??  I would assume that we are not seeing this same behavior with the LEDs because they don't typically  turn on if  if light levels are too low.

I hope someone has an idea, I've done all I can do to try and solve this.  Thank you.

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I had similar issue it ended up being the data cable going to the easy light linker. Swap out that data cable on both ends and see if that helps.

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