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Segments 1-8 no longer working


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First, thank you in advance for your help and advice.

Just setup my first controller ever and powered up 16 segments.  Amazing results.  Has run very well for 2 days.

On the 3rd day, segments 1-8 are no longer working; 9-16 are working fine.  I have power confirmed to both input power cables.

As a newbie, where should I look first?  The fuses?  Reset the box?

I just received my second controller yesterday to power up another 16 segments; excited to see the results.

However, need advice on Segments 1-8 not working.

Again, thank you in advance for any advice/help.



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Sounds like the fuse on the left side (1-8) has blown. Before you replace it, double check how much amperage you are pulling on that side and make sure you are not over the limit of the controller.

FYI - The brains of 16 channel LOR controllers are controlled by the 9-16 side. If you lose that side, you will lose the entire controller, even if 1-8 is working and good.

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What type of lights and how many?  If you are running Incans, you might be overloading the bank.  A Killawatt (brand) meter is the easiest or if you have access to a Clamp-on AC Amp meter with at leas 20 Amp scale

If you are lucky, you might be able to re-balance some loads to the other bank

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