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Pixie 4D controller, non-responsive port


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 I have a Pixie 4D that controls four of my eight windows and port 1 is not responsive (not working). When going hardwired via HU, I can not get ANY CCR to respond to the command using port one ( I have tried switching out other CCR's to verify it wasn't a bad CCR string). 

The confusing part is when I test ALL ports (using the ALL option in the drop down in HU) port 1 responds along with the other three however, when I individually select port 1 (via the drop down) and nothing!

I have reset the board using the white button on the board but that didn't resolve the issue.

If the port was dead it would light up when I test ALL ports so...

Its not the CCR's since they all work on other ports...



Pixie 4 controller, non responsive port

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