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Unable to connect to Pixcon16 with Pixlite16 online

Brad Stucky

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I've added an Advatek Pixlite16 long range Mk II to my network this year and I can no longer access the 2 Pixcon16s with the LOR configuration Utility.  All 3 cards have been assigned their own local static IP addresses.  I am able to connect to all the cards by using the  most recent Advatek Assistant. (just released about 3-4 weeks ago)  When I remove the Pixlite16 from the network, the Pixcon16s once become available to the LOR Configuration Utility.  I mentioned this to Advatek tech and they said they would get with LOR about this.  The 2 Pixcon16s have firmware V1.4.8 and the Pixlite MkII has V2.0.2.   Show playback doesn't seem to be affected.

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