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I may have bitten off more than i can chew


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So.... I have 4 pixcon16 controllers, and 2 pixie 8 controllers that i am trying to make work. I can see my pixcon's on the network preferences and have set new id's for everyone. I am trying to run through a LAN network to make my show run, but im getting nowhere. 



An over zealous newb!

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By LAN do you mean you are using the Ethernet port on your computer ? Or are you using the LOR adapter? 

The pixie 8 have to be run from the LOR adapter not Ethernet port

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Yes an ethernet cable. i've since learned that i must run the pixie 8s on the RS485 adapter. The pixcons can be ran on a lan network/ethernet cables and a switch/router. 


I have also since ran verifier and it pops up 17 errors:

Message Number: 7

Severity: Error

Summary: Application file does not exist

Details: The expected directory and filename of the missing application file

it says to try redownloading the program if your shows will not play, and i have. it still pops up the same 17 errors



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