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This will be my 3rd year for many of my cosmic color devices and am curious as how others are seeing the reliability. I have my CCB's mounted in Boscoyo Studio plastic strips which are then ty-wrapped to 1/2" conduit so there is no strain on the bulb housing or wires. Last year, I had to replace 5 bulbs. Just got through testing my bulbs this afternoon and I have 3 more bad bulbs.  Almost all only lose 1 of the 3 LED's. I sacrificed one string and am using it for spare bulbs, albeit a pain as their are 8 wires that need to be cut & spliced, per bulb

Also leery / concerned on the Cosmic Color Pixels. Have had 200 in Halloween decorations and just added 200 more to my Mega Star for this year. Already have 2 intermittent

This year the Mega tree will have 16 strings of 50,

Given that they aren't on all that long, usually from Thanksgiving till New Years Day, maybe 6 hours per evening (HIGH) adds up to only 648 hours, not a lot by any means for a LED. AND the intensity is modulated as is the duty cycle.

Wondering if we a re seeing transients from the controllers causing the issues




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My CCP's (4,100 of them) are 2 and 3 years old. They are attached to the prop securely so they don't move around and I have had no issue with them. 2 strings were bad from the begining and found during testing, LOR replaced them.

The CCR (3 ribbons) I have are 4 years old and I had to replace one this year. They are attached to conduit and stay out in the yard all year long. The CCR's are very delicate and do not like to be moved around, folded, etc. which is why they stay where they are all year.

All in all, I am very happy with these products.


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My CCPs were bought in the Spring Sale when they were first introduced.  I did not use them for a year or so, but they have been used since 2014 without any failures.  Mine are mounted into 3/4 inch PEX tubing.



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