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Pixels flickering


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Hi all, I know it's crunch time but any help would be appreciated. This year I added 4 mini mega trees. They are 300 pixels each connected to a F16 V2 Falcon controller. They use 3 outputs on 3 universes 100 pixels per universe. Ea 100 pixel string folds 3 times to make 4 legs of 25 pixels each. In the controller test mode the work fine but when I try to do a test in PE they flicker (seizure inducing flicker) when I add an effect such as spiral or bars. It doesn't matter if I do one or all four at once. My power supply is holding steady at 11.8 volts and I have tried adjusting it up and down with no change. When I use color wash set to one color they don't flicker. I have also set them as low as 10% and it only makes the flicker dimmer. I'm sure the solution will be a forehead slapper but I'm out of ideas as to what the problem is. Help please.

Thanks in advance, Z

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What is the distance from your controller to the first prop? Then prop to prop?

Maybe you have a data issue? Not sure. Very strange.



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It's a Falcon controller which is able to push the outer limits on distance, but in this case the trees have built in 12' cords. 


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