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I have added a few elements to this years show, and now want to update my sequences from last year, I also fixed some of my props that somehow part of them went MIA.

If I remember correctly I copied my channel conf. from last year added the new elements, fixed my problems and renamed the channel conf. with this years new name.

HOW DO I update last years sequences with my new elements (SE and PE items)?

I use the Visualizer for the SE side and use the Manage Preview option and select this years file in PE, this gives me better resolution for my RGB elements

I now have 3 or more Preview titles and when I try to open last years sequences with this years preview some of last years elements are missing etc. in the PE side. The elements show up in playback in the SE Visualizer but not when I open the file in PE

Looking for step by step help.

Does S5 take care of some of these issues?

Thanks in advance,



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In the sequence that you updated this year, top menu "Edit" then "Export/Import Channel Configuration" then "Export Channel Configuration".

Save the channel configuration.

Open last years sequence, top menu "Edit" then "Export/Import Channel Configuration" then "Import Channel Configuration".

Or are you wanting to update previews?

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Thanks Mr.P,

That's the steps I used to create this years Configuration, and now have updated last years files. Thanks, NOW over to the PE side:

I would like to get to the same PREVIEW for all of my sequences, when I change to the more current option props go away,?????

I also just noticed that each of my  SE props are listed twice per row, see attached. NOT saying this was caused by what we did above, just noticed it now.




Screenshot (25).png

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