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RGB Floods Stopped Working - Now Flickering


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ARRRGGGG. I simply went update all of RGB lights (bullets, ribbons, floods) from Dimming Curve = None to Dimming Curve = PixelCurve. After that, my floods won't work properly, they don't stay on or chase, transition, etc. They only flicker randomly. 

I then reset all floods back to none, still won't work. I then tried setting them to PixelCurve = 90%, still nothing. 

I've refreshed the com port multiple times. All other lights seem to work as expected. 

Any ideas?

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You may have to open it up and reset it. You can take the back off and reset the flood by turning dip switch 12 on and plug in the unit. Then unplug and turn the dip switch off, making sure you replace the cover properly so it seals.

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