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Pixel Editor - Sequence Error and PE Closes


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Last year added pixel mega tree and two arches. Sequenced in PE no problem. This year added a bunch more pixels - 8 50 pixel snowflakes, 8 100 pixel mini trees, 300 pixels to outline the house, 2 50 pixel windows, 50 pixel star and 2 more 50 pixel arches. Just using the same sequences as last year and adding a couple more. Also have 3 LOR controllers that will control 2 star flares, 2 candy cane spinners and adding a couple of singing faces. 

My issue is that now sometimes when I try to open my sequences to edit them PE will throw and error and the program closes.Eventually it will open - sometimes I have to restart my Laptop to get it working. Wondering if anyone has seen this before? 



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