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CCD 5V Bullet or C7 Pixel Nodes does LOR sell any individually?


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Okay, got a bad CCD Bullet Pixel Node and now a CCD Pixel Bulb the green L.E.D. has stopped functioning, Red and Blue L.E.D.'s still function in this single bulb, all others work as they are supposed too.

These are the 4 wire 5V type, and I was wondering if LOR sold any individual replacements with wire attached to bulb for splicing it into the stand.  Or if they sell like a small cut section of a strand of maybe 4-5 bullet nodes and one for 4-5 C7 bulbs for allowing one to cut and solder in a replacement for a non working pixel bulb or a non working pixel bullet node?    I couldn't locate anything about this, and I'm sure this has been asked before, but I just can't seem to find the answer if it's still on the forum somewhere.

Or do I have to buy an entire new strand of 5V 50 bulbs already pre-made to replace a strand that has one pixel bullet completely out and a 2nd strand for the one that has a pixel bulb that is no longer lighting the green L.E.D.?

And does LOR still sell replacement RGB strands for Bullet Nodes and C7 bulbs for the older 5V Cosmic Color Devices Controllers?


Thank You,


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