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Test Mode PixCon 16 Failure


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Hello Everyone,

Now that I have the PixCon 16 Board Configured, the TEST MODE is not performing.  I have actually placed the Board in the TEST PATTERN, but no lights are working.  The is Board Configured correctly.  But when I use the Test Mode, Test Pattern or even run the Pixel Editor, no lights are working.  My other Board next to it will works great.  I have placed the board back to Factory Setting and reloaded all the configurations needed.  Still no results.

Any Suggestions?


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I was able to get the Pattern Testing to Start on the controller.  The lights came on.  The ISSUE is that when I set the type of light, the lights will not work on the Test Mode or actually running Pixel Editor.  My other board next to is has the same bulb type and will work in Test Pattern and Test Mode along with Pixel Editor. 

I have continued to reset the board back to Factory Settings and that does not effect the outcome of the results.  I can change the type of lights on the Network Configuration, and will work with the Test Mode, but not in Pixel Editor.  The problem may be because of lights don't match what type they actually are.  It is like the firmware is not setting the correct light type in the board, when requesting it. 

Anyone have a solution? 

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I have now taken both of my NEW PixCon 16 Version MkII V1.0 boards out of my controller boxes and replaced with the original version.  My Pixel Sign is working perfectly now... Not sure what is up with these new boards, but have had nothing but issues from Configuration, Networking to now the Type of bulb listed in the Set Up of the Configuration screen does not match the actual bulbs being used. 

Not sure which direction to take with these two New boards.  What good are they, if I can't use them with the bulbs 2811. 

Need guidance from someone much smarter than I.

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