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Mega tree Star Topper


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Someone has a video on how to build a topper for your mega tree that holds the lights & star. I can not find it anybody help me. It is on a commercial website want to say based in Georgia.

Thanks Mike

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Wow portcity... that looks awesome! You actually sell those? If so, a PM to you is in order I think. :D

Again, awesome! :cool:

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In relation to the tree, what would be the ideal size for the Star.

I am trying to not have it to small, or to big.

2 or 3 sides be better.

Any ideas

Thanks Deblen

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It really depends on the size of the tree, if you have a tree that is 10ft+ then the star could be 2ft in diameter. its really up to you, the tree in this picture it 10ft and the 16ft with a 2foot star (from christmaslightshow.com).
(the 16 footer is to the right but you can see somewhat of the 3Dstar in yellow.)

Attached files 156184=9028-House All Lights On 2.jpg

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