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Not playing programimg


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Just added another controller  to my show. I had 8 now 9. The programimg plays all eight controllers but will not play 9th controller. All of this is within sequence editor. What am i doing wrong? I have tested the controller and that is not the problem. Its just not playing the 9th controller.

Also the add a track and duplicate track buttons in edit are grayed out. Would that have anything to do with my issue? I am working off of an older license standard v3.6.0. do i have to upgrade.

Thank you Robert 

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With the standard license you can only control up to eight unit id's. Unfortunately it looks like you will have to upgrade to another level license.

Take a look here at the license level comparisons http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-software/

with the standard license it shows as follows

Up to 8 unit IDs

Up to 4 tracks

Basic Plus
features and…

VU audio wizard

Background sequences

Startup/Shutdown sequences



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