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Changing RGB Colors


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I'm working on a few different sequences right now. For a few of the props, I have acquired sequences from other sources that already have the beat, or light sequences I want to use. However the colors aren't correct. Does anyone know how the change the RGB color of either entire rows or just select a part of the row and change just the color within the row. I don't want to change the on/off or fades since they are how I want them. I know I could go through and change every single one manually but It would be nice to just adjust colors on a row rather then each action.  Any help would be great. Thank You.

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If they are RGB rows (not motion effect rows), then:

1) click the color fade tool, pick your desired color, click the Update Toolbar button. The color fade tool will close and the toolbar will display your selected color.

2) click on the Select tool. Select the area you want to change

3) right click and select Existing Effects (foreground) > Apply Toolbar Color (or Apply Toolbar Hue). Apply Hue keeps the color saturation and brightness the same.


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3 hours ago, kevinob said:

@MattBrown I'm in same situation... but might be missing something... what/where is the "Update Toolbar' button? I did do search in help... sorry if I'm missing something obvious...

It is on the Color Fade window:


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