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How do I set up 187 node Mega Black Widow Spider in PE

Denny H

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I picked up the Boscoyo Mega Black Widow Spider at the 2018  Expo.  It has 187 nodes.  I understand that there is a limit of 170 nodes or a max of 512 channels per universe.   Originally I thought I'd set up the prop with 2 universes,  Universe 1 would be for nodes 1 -100 and Universe 2 for nodes 101 - 187.  I think another reason for setting it up this way is that it would eliminate the need for power induction.  But when I try to set this up in the Pixel Editor I can't seem to set up more than 1 Universe per prop.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Start Universe 2 at 1 and it would end at 261. Use the individual setup so it will allow you to put in the Universe start/end configuration


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