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Trying to insert CCR's


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I am new to the CCR world and am looking to purchase a CCR II 16 Ribbon  Super Star Tree Kit with Pixie 16 Controller. I am using LOR Sequence Editor V4.3.34 Pro with 16 CCR  Add on.  I have been reviewing the on line tutorials for the Super Star Add on, Got to the "Getting Superstar Sequences into Main Sequences" Lesson and that's where I Ran into the issue, I can Create a CCR Sequence Channel and so far that seems to work, But I wanted to create CCR Devices as explained in the Video, I screen shots of the video  instructions and the second is of the drop down selections I have in the SE. I think the Pixie 2/4/816 is correct but am not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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If you need help setting the pixie up shoot me a PM with phone and good time to call. Far to many variables to write. Depending on your questions it wont take long.

I am Central time zone


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