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Matrix Video Clips?


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Hey all, quick question for those of you who do short video clips on your pixel matrix... Where do you actually go about finding the video files to use on the tree?? I'm not having any luck finding anything to work.

Thanks in advance!

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Depends on what you are looking for, if you want an actual video clip that is a little longer then a few seconds you would probably need video capture software. If you want something that is just 1-3 seconds then do an image search in a .gif format.

Example if you want to add a beating heart then do an image search for heart.gif

A .gif image supports animation so it moves. You can also grab very short sections of a movie, i.e. say you want the squirrel jumping out of the Christmas tree in Christmas Vacation.

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For best results search for the key words “mini gif” the lower the pixel count in your gif the better it will appear on our non p10 matrix.

Also, I tested an entire minion video “the Christmas one”. 15 minutes worth of music. Looked good in small cements while added to a matrix sequence a couple seconds long but the entire conversion and adding to matrix didn’t look good.

Try to use gifs that are low hundreds or lower X low hundreds or lower.

James uses a really good gif image software but you have to pay for it. I do not remember the program but you can ask him.


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Animation Factory is one of them it cost $59 a year I google Gif Cartoon Then what you are looking for

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if you want to make your own animated gifs https://www.piskelapp.com/ is a good program and free (use online or downloadable version)

one of the handy features is that you can set the size of the work-space to the corresponding number of pixels in your matrix


For editing existing videos ( to make them shorter or to clip particular sections out ) http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/  is a simple yet effect - free - tool


forgot to add: I believe you can also do animated gifs in SuperStar, though I've not used it 

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