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Ok, I imagine this question has been asked before, so please forgive me.

I have a Pixie16 controller, and all the LED lights to go with that.  I also have the Basic Plus (4.3.24) software, and created a sequence using the Pixel Editor.  How do I play the sequences on the controller?  Apparently, the show editor does not understand the Pixel Editor files.  I can play sequences created in the Sequence Editor, but with 16 strings of 50 lights at 3 colors each = 2400 possible channels in the sequence editor that is not manageable.  I feel like I am missing something here.  Do I need to upgrade to the Pro license level?

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In addition to what SPaschall said, if you decide that you don't want to upgrade to Pro and continue to use Sequence Editor, you will still need to upgrade.  The Pixie16 controller uses 16 Unit IDs and the Basic Plus license level can only control 4 Unit IDs.  You would need to upgrade to Advanced level license in order to use the 16 IDs.  With that said, I would recommend that you make the jump to Pro and then you are covered for anything.


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