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I just added a second network to my LOR (on AuxA).  I want my regular controllers to be on the Reg network, and my PixCon16s to be on the AuxA network.  I have configured them with the correct Com ports for each adapter.  But the PixCon16 will not operate with the HU Pixel Console when it is on the AuxA network.  If I reverse them, and put the PixCon16 on the Reg network, it works fine from the HU Pixel Control.  In both scenarios, the regular controllers work fine--on either network.

What am I missing?  I could leave them reversed, but to keep things straight in my feeble mind, and to not have to go into every sequence and change the address of every channel, I would like the regular controllers on the Reg network as they always have been.

Hope that all makes sense.  Thanks.

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Yes, I did.

But I tried it with a sequence, with the channels assigned like I want them, and it worked great!  I don't know why the HU Pixel Console won't control them correctly; but I really don't care, since they work perfectly with two sequences.

Thanks for your help.

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