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New PixCon16 Troubleshooting Guide

LOR Staff

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[I updated the sticky in this board to include the following.  It is important enough that I also wanted to post a new message so that it catches the attention of as many as possible]


Following the 19 steps exactly in the order specified will get your PixCon16 working.  If you are convinced that you have followed them exactly and still can not connect to your PixCon, we have a troubleshooting document available.

It is our experience that folks that can not connect to their PixCon16 are not properly configuring their computer/network or following the directions in this checklist.  This checklist is designed to be as minimally invasive to your computer as possible.  It also tries to teach you some basic TCP/IP concepts. 

The troubleshooting guide, which comes complete with pictures and step-by-step instructions, will change the configuration of your computer and make things work.  It is also a catch 22.  You will be able to configure the PixCon16, HOWEVER the changes made will most likely NOT be compatible with your existing network.  The computer will loose any other LAN connectivity (like to the internet).  If you change the configuration back to how it was originally (the document tells you to record your settings before changing them), you will restore your regular network access but you will no longer be able to configure or control the PixCon.

Knowing how to integrate a PixCon16 into an existing network is difficult and is why we say: "The PixCon16 is a professional level board, and does require some in-depth knowledge about how E1.31 works, DMX and networking concepts."  Everyone's network is different, and getting a PixCon to work within your existing network is beyond the scope of what we can help with.

We recommend that you work through the above checklist several times if you are not familiar with TCP/IP.  This checklist (along with the E1.31 and DMX for Pixel Control), will 100% of the time get a PixCon to work if followed exactly on a standard Windows computer.  Only after you have tried several times to use the checklist should you revert to using the Troubleshooting guide.  If the troubleshooting guide works, then the issue is 100% configuration, and there is nothing wrong with your PixCon.


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If anyone has had a need to use this troubleshooting guide, or if you are bored and just want to try it, please let me know about your experience.  I am looking for feedback.

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Another note about firmware updates:

Please remember that the PixCon16 is not as robust as all of our other controllers when it comes to failed firmware updates.  You should NEVER EVER attempt to upgrade your firmware if you are having a connection problem.  Firmware should only be updated on these boards if they are communicating properly, and even then only if recommended by support.


Firmware will never fix connection issues! Attempting to update firmware without a stable connection will Semi-brick your board.

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