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LOR 1602MP3 controller.


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I have a LOR 1602MP3 controller among my stash of second hand equipment I purchased a couple of years ago.
I am wanting to use it as a standalone with a talking face and other sequences activated by a PIR at the front of my property.
I have purchased the necessary input board and other equipment and will soon start assy and testing.
I have no instruction manual for the 1602MP3 controller and notice there is a rotary dial on the board like the one used on the CMB16D to assign controller #
What is this for, do I have to set it and what should it be set to? 

Thanks for your help. 

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Well, I mucked that post up
My unit is identified 1602MP3G3 showtime MP3 director.
Thanks Jim for the link to the documentation. 
Browsing the list I find I do not have do not have the LOR1602MP3 as such, as there is no light controller.
Further investigation reveals it actually a DC-MP3.
So totally confusing as it is a stand alone unit with LOR1602MP3G printed on it
Long story short.  i have the manual and now know what the rotary dial is for. 

Thanks again Jim


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