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Crimson Lane Lights Etown

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I'm impressed with the size of the CCB2 controllers and those controllers in that category.  For someone who uses all led lights in their display and hardly draws many amps, I find the 16 channel residential controllers to be bulky and harder to store away.  I have reduced the power wires down to one with power jumpers in my controllers.  Going from two main power wires to one.  That saved some wiring.  Maybe I can make my own pigtails out of SPT wire and vampire plugs.  Has anyone done that?  I was hoping that the overall size and weight of them would be reduced as a purchase option.  If they could get as small as CCB2 controllers, I'd buy em!

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I have used zip SPT wire for the pigtails on controllers and it does help in weight, a little. But the size of controller box doesn't change so no big benefit in storing it than keeping all the original wires.

Of course using a dozen or so pro/res controllers for 12+ years, I've gotten used to storing them so no big deal.

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