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V3 License Needed on PC for V4 Upgrad ??


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After battling runtime error, have a funtional V4 demo on a new display PC.   Issue with both my licensed V3 Advance and the V4 demo.  Added to run the LOR registry cleaner and another cleanup file.   I cleared the V3 license info during this process.

Assume when I complete the V4 Pro upgrade purchese, I will receive a new V4 license?   To register this code, will the V3 license code need to be in the windows registry? 

Since this is an "upgrade", guessing yes.




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It's all the same license. That's why it's crucial to use the same email address when purchasing a renewal or upgrade, as that (I assume) is tied to the license DB, and what entry gets made into their DB.

Just install V4 and put your old license on there. If you've purchased the upgrade, you'll be good to go.

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