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Older version works better for me


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So, might be my imagination but after trying the newest LOR suite and pixel editor I noticed that my intensity sequences appeared laggy, choppy, not smooth.  After going back to version 4.3.18 and rendering the same show, they're now smooth again.  I don't get it.   Maybe too much coffee.  In the past when the display appeared to freeze constantly, I would recreate the intensity file and it was back to normal.   I would go outside, look at it and if it was freezing in parts of the show, I would go recreate the intensity file until it would playback normally and it would be good until I decided to change it then I had to go thorough the same routine.   I know it's an odd situation.   I am using E1.31 only.

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I had to do the same thing at Halloween.

after hours of making videos for LOR and 3 computers just didn’t like anything higher tha 4.3.18

Did you report to HD? It may help


figure out the problem

since there are more than 1 with same issue


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I didn't report it.  I figured I would mention it here first to see if it was just me.  I'm relieved to read that you went though the same thing so that we know for sure there may be a potential issue somewhere.  I don't have a problem staying with the old version but I recently paid to renew my software which includes the new updates. I fear that I might not be able to take advantage of the new versions because of the mentioned show quality issue.  I can't use version 5 beta because it won't import my preview props correctly.  I'm waiting on a fix for that so that I can move forward, granted the freezing issue didn't follow into version 5.   Thank you for your response, JR!  I will continue to use version 18 for now.

Anyone from LOR have input on this by chance?



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I run only LOR networks, up to 10 for Christmas. That seemed to take care of my prop issues.

I had to purchase a brand new laptop to run the show since I couldn’t afford to lose my sequencing laptop.

Reverted the two desktops back to 4.3.18 and they all work again. I made 12 hours of videos for troubleshooting but no one ever figured out why 4.3.18 ran shows but newer versions wouldnt.

Maybe if you report your problems it will help LORengineers figure out what is the common denominator.


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