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Existing SE sequence adding pixels to it


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Ok quick question. 

I have all the sequences ive done in SE up to this point w no pixels.  Now that im dabbling with pixels do i just open my current LMS file do my pixel props save it as the intensity file and then it will put the intensity track into the old SE non pixel file?


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If you're starting, then I will suggest you have or make a separate folder named with the SE LMS file for each and then open each and save too the named folder. As you start using and saving PE file this will keep all the data files in one location for that show. When you need to set up your show files you can copy and paste these to the show computer. When you open PE   file and open and point too the LMS show you want to program. If you don't have anything already setup you can create and import you props from your visualizer.  There is a lot more but not that hard. You have to make sure the PE file name and channels mach exactly. You can message me and I will try and help you if you need. Have fun.

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