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Current difference between CTB16K and CTB16PC


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This topic has been brought up before... in like 2008-2009.  I'm sure things have changed a bit since then.  So what is the current differences between the PC and K versions?  From the photos, they both seem to have the same components.  The boards look a little different, and use different connection methods, but that no doubt is because they are intended to fit in different cases.

Is there any difference in the functionality or capabilities of these 2 boards?  Do they currently both do dimming curves?

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No-one has an answer on this?  I'm hoping to buy a few during the spring sale which is coming up soon.  Can someone at least tell me if the current ones support dimming curves?

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Kind of surprised that no one has answered this for you?  But to the best of my knowledge here you go.

PC boards use spade lug connectors for wires going out to lights and the K boards use screw terminal connectors.

PC boards have to be programmed for the unit ID whereas the K boards have two small rotary switches to set the address.

K boards have a few extra components to allow stand-alone operation whereas the PC boards must be connected to a computer or mini director to run.

K boards can run up to 40 amps per board whereas the PC boards will only go to 30 amps per board.

I have a PC board and 19 K boards myself.  They both will do dimming as far as I know although it has been a few years since I bought any controllers.

Hope that helps some.

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