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PROP Sizing in PE


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So I made a prop in Viz. I then brought it over into PE  put my house background in, but I cant resize the props made in VIZ.  I made a matrix in PE and that lets me resize it by dragging the corners...  The angels from Viz  no good.  any ideas...


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Carl- I'm not sure with PE however if it acts like vis you have to select the prop and not the fixtures to get that same functionality.

In vis when you open up your file on the right corner it shows fixtures/ props. If you select fixtures you can only move 1 item at a time (if applicable). If you are on the same item but click the props tab and then click on the prop you get the entire box as you describe above.

As stated not sure but look for that in PE.

If not you can resize in vis and import to PE.


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