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Has anyone created or assembled a public "prop" file for use in the pixel editor?  The other software group has done this.   I just sat through the one hour lor pixel editor tutorial and it was very informative.  Now i want to make some real props.  I have the boscoyo mini angels that id like to mimic. But not sure of my pixel drawing skills.  Lol.  Well just thought id ask.



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3 hours ago, racerc20 said:

What no props....  Lol.

I agree 100%. There should be a prop file section on this forum!

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Agreed.  Should have standard post title naming conventions to make it easier to find items

Prop Vendor, Prop Name or description if vendor has a name use it.  Sizes if applicable, node count, wiring diagram?

Example post title in the forum.

Boscoyo, CoroAngel Mini, 16", 8mm nodes or mini lights. CoroAngel Mini.png


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I like it.  With all the LOR users who have not migrated elsewhere.  This would be a great and valuable resource.  I did a coro mini angel.  Everyone would have to dbl check pixel placements and such but at least it would be a start.

Maybe an admin can chime in here.  Maybe we are missing a post somewhere else.  

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  • 2 months later...

I'll add my vote for a prop file as well!

I am coming back into this since being out from 2014!  I last sequenced in S3 so have some learning curve and headaches to overcome it seems. :D

I would love to be able to import some common props to help with getting up to speed with S5 since I am going to just jump right into it and not bother with S4 at this point.  I did get a very nice 4 color mini tree prop file from bdwilly which showed me a lot of things on how to set up a prop as well as some other items!

I have 140+ blow molds, spinners, arches, inflatables to make up for props so certainly have my work cut out for me at this point!  But I will be more than happy to share them once I get them made up.

A place to post them would be nice.

I want to say that I have been looking at using Xlights but after sending a bunch of emails asking for help in converting LOR files over and not 1 reply, I have decided to stick with LOR now that S5 "appears" to work pretty much like Xlights does and I sure seem to get a much better response for help here than on the other 3 forums I watch combined!

Thanks for the help folks!

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