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lor channel conversion

kelly jett

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ok guys here is my issue.

I have a seq I made in xlights.  when I try to convert it to lor  it comes up with 4471 channels.   when I try to look at my lor seq and compare it 

to xlights I come up with 4463 channels.  I have done various comparasions and somehow these extra channels appear out of no where. 


the best I can tell when I look at both set-ups they look exactly the same. 

also when I tried to convert the xlights seq to lor to use there I import my channel configuration and some of the effects bleed down into my lor channels.

I have watched a lot of videos and thought I had it right until apparently I don't.  I've lost too much sleep and hair.  this is driving me crazy 


any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated. 

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I'm out on a limb here, but 8 channels is a notable number... Shot in the dark... 1/2 of a LOR controller or something... BTW did you use groups in LOR to create the channel map ?

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