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Issue with Wired and Light Linker shows. Lights won't stay on


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Hello,  This is my first year using the light linkers (Wireless).  I always used Network cables from box to box.  My issue is after my show my last sequence is lights on.  I have the box checked to turn off lights after the show.  After the show ends all my wired boxes static lights come on. Which is what I want it to do every year.  For some reason the box that connects to the light linker turns off all the lights and never comes back on.  Wired boxes work fine but wireless box does not.   So I changed my show to leave lights on at the end of the show.   This works great at leaving all lights on after the show schedule.  On both the wireless and wired boxes.  But doing it this way at the end of the night my lights don't go off.  I have to manually disable the shows to turn the lights off.    This was easy before adding the light linker.  :)   Any help would be appreciated.


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Here's what I think may be happening.  At the end of your show, your show computer/director stops transmitting any new commands to the controllers.  Typically a controller will remain in whatever state dictated by the last command received (i.e. if the last command received was to leave a channel on, the channel stays on).  So for your wired controllers, the last command they received was to turn on the lights.  With an ELL, I think the ELL must occasionally send out some type of command to it's connected controller, even if it isn't receiving any traffic from the show computer/director.  So in the absence of another command, it tells the controller to turn off the lights.

I would create an animation sequence that just turns on all of the channels you want and run that as a second show after your main show finishes.  That should allow you to keep all of your lights on for any length of time you want.


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